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Home Décor Trends for 2011

Posted by Victoria Macaskill

Although we've just begun a new year, many of the home décor trends for 2011 seem to be reaching into the past for inspiration. However, there are some new trends as well that reflect modern simplicity.


1.     Recycled and Vintage Home Goods


Etsy, the online marketplace for handmade crafts, is featuring many recycled home goods for 2011. Refinish old frames to give them a modern edge. Use old bike parts for clocks. You can even use old gift-wrap scraps to create a unique lampshade.


When it comes to furniture, old is new. Linda Fougerousse of Interior Transformation, Inc. sees furniture styles returning to the '50s, '60s, and '70s with round tapered legs on angles, geometric accents, and seating with curved backs - think AMC's hit TV show Mad Men. Pieces can be genuinely vintage or can be furniture that's been repurposed or reproduced to reflect this era. Examples include chair frames redone in new upholstery, traditional lighting fixtures in newer brass or pewter finishes, chairs done in old grain sacks, or old carts from factories used for end tables or coffee tables. Plan on seeing more golden upholstery fabrics and furniture finishes.


2.     The Spectrum of Colors for 2011


Pantone (, which provides color services for professional interior, fashion, and graphic designers, has named an optimistic pinkish red called Honeysuckle the 2011 Color of the Year. Use Honeysuckle for accents, pillows, or just on one wall of a room.



Experts also predict that cool neutrals and muted hues from icy grays to chocolate browns to bright reds, fuchsia purples and sapphire blues will be reflected in paints and fabrics. Bold patterns and colors appear throughout the 2011 IKEA catalog. Oranges, blacks, browns, along with earthy textures and tribal patterns, stand out against neutral colors like white and tan.


3.     Simple, Geometric Furniture

Simple, geometric designs on furniture will be a big trend in 2011. Look for sleek furniture with geometric lines and shapes that is still comfortable and practical. Consider throwing a faux fur blanket over simple pieces to add comfort and design.


4.     Combining eating, meeting, and living


With our fast-paced lives that are only getting busier, rooms are transforming into multipurpose areas that can be used for recreation, entertaining, meeting, and living. Kitchens, especially, will bring cooking, dining, meeting, and family together in one environment. Kitchens are becoming much more versatile and livable.


5.     If Your Walls Could Talk


They would tell you to pay more attention to them. Wall coverings can improve a room dramatically. Murals Your Way provides cost-effective solutions to dress up your drab walls.


Also, don't restrict yourself to a wall with only coordinating frames. Dare to mismatch frames to give your home a charming, lived-in look.



While these trends might influence how you could furnish your home in 2011, ultimately, your home needs to reflect you and your own personal style.

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